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Events at Springfield Woolen Mills

Almost the entire top floor of the main Woolen Mills building will be dedicated to event rental space.  The photo to the right shows progress on the replacement of the roof and the exposure of the 119-year-old Douglas Fir trusses.  This space is expected to be available for rental in December of 2023.  Click below to be added to a list to be notified when this space is ready for event rentals:

Community Events

The Springfield Woolen Mills will host monthly special events for families and children to enjoy.  Some of these ideas include a Speaker Series (athletes, POWs, motivational, astronauts), comedic magician shows, science experiment shows, food truck festivals, live music, and small traveling exhibits with themes like Hot Wheels, Space Flight Accessories, Helen Keller, and Survival Tactics.

Special Event Details

Wedding Decorations

Springfield Woolen Mills Wedding & Events

We anticipate this space being able to accommodate 400 guests banquet style (plated meal), and up to 900 guests in reception style.  Numbers will need to be adjusted for stage space, dance floor, and buffet tables if desired.  We hope to offer all-inclusive wedding and event packages as well.  Pricing will be presented in late  2023.

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